to blog or not to blog

to blog or not to blog that is the question…

if you want to have a blog for your business (or have one and have trouble keeping up with writing it) and would like a professional writer to write/edit it for you, give me a call at 702-225-8206. 


  • • Use your own voice, but make sure it’s in line with your brand
  • • Be open and honest – show your personality
  • • Create your own content (You know your clients/customers best)
  • • Vary what you post: switch between videos, images, and prose
  • • Be conversational: you want to talk to your clients, not talk at them!
  • • Spread the word about your blog: link to it on your social network sites, and make sure it’s in an obvious place on your website
  • • Get involved with the blogging community: comment on other blogs, find similar people to you, invite people to write for you
  • • Update regularly and routinely: make a schedule and stick to it
  • • Link to other useful sites: be a useful resource for your readers
  • • Be a source of help: offer information and practical advice
  • • Write for other blogs, and get people from other blogs to write for you: spread your authorship and authority
  • • Have a variety of writers: use your director, sales manager, sales assistants, allowing readers to get a feel for the entire business, not just the top end!

I would add: Be interesting, entertaining, informative, offer how to tips on important subjects to your readers in a variety of formats.

Write subject/headlines that catch people’s attention

Get to know your customers better, ask for feedback and LISTEN to it.

Be clear and concise… less is more…



  • • Promote your business all the time! This isn’t the place, and it’ll quickly switch readers off
  • • Hire a copywriter who a) doesn’t understand your tone and style, and b) couldn’t care less about what you stand for
  • • Regurgitate content posted on other sites
  • • Write badly: if you’re not a natural writer, there are writers and editors that can help you
  • • Forget about your audience/customers: don’t write for yourself, think about what will interest other people
  • • Lose direction or focus – it’s good to have a variety of posts, but readers should know what to expect. Pick a subject and stick to it!
  • • Forget about style and design: try to create your own theme, instead of relying on the most popular designs. Make it look like yours, and in line with your website’s design
  • • Be salesy! People try and directly sell their products, but it doesn’t work. This isn’t the place
  • • Just publish: it’s vital to proofread, re-read, edit!
  • • Outspokenly insult people or businesses: you must be careful! Not only is it unprofessional, but it could also be libel. If you’re not sure about something, don’t post it
  • • Alienate yourself: unless you run a political or religious business, stay away from these subjects, and other controversial topics. Use your own personal blog for that.


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