Spinning Stories like a Savior

Once upon a time, there was a guy named Jesus who told stories. They were called parables. He seemed to get a lot of followers around the world, huh. He gained people’s attention by speaking truth, in plain language and also overturning myths and status quo accepted practices, all thru the power of his words. Ok, yeah, he also performed a few miracles, too… turning water into wine, a few pieces of bread and fish into loaves enough to feed 5,000, walking on water, raising the dead, and more. It was these stories that also built his church and army of believers for many many years, even today.

Am not saying that you have to be a Christian and believe in a religion, but since today is Easter, once a pagan holiday that was turned into a story of Jesus Christ’s resurrection, you just might get with the program… Words have power.  Stories have everlasting Life. And you just might be able to sell more products and services by telling compelling stories, heartwarming tales, and spinning little itty bitty twitter bite sized snippets.

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“Stories connect us to one another. Stories stimulate our imaginations. Stories are at the heart of the most successful

“Many studies confirm that people are moved by emotions and that stories are the most effective way to tap into those emotions. In fact, Princeton University researchers discovered that stories enable “brain-to-brain coupling.” In other words, if I tell you a story, the same regions of our brains light up. That means we are literally in sync!

“Stories break down walls between two people, leaving the listener more receptive to the numbers and the hard evidence. Let’s look at how stories impact some of the most jaded of all audiences — early stage investors.

“Angel investors invest in people, not products. While the big venture capital deals capture business news headlines, the vast majority of entrepreneurs get their start with smaller “seed” investments typically made by friends and family or early-stage investors. Yes, these small investors want to make money, but they also want to trust the people they back and to feel as though they have a connection with them on an emotional level. Storytelling is critical when pitching to these type of investors.

“…In the knowledge economy you are only as successful as your ability to transfer the information you have — your knowledge — to others. Stories facilitate the sharing of that information. Stories illustrate, illuminate and inspire. Tell more of them.”


And if you are not a great storyteller, then hire a writer like moi who would be happy to turn your stories into wine and chocolate.

Have a great Holiday !!!


How much are your words worth?

The next time someone asks for a freebie, someone to write / edit a book gratis, aka complementary, expecting you to work for FREE, will you craft a similar response?  I definitely will.  Love it.  Since today is Equal Pay Day seems appropriate, too since women accept far less money/pay than they deserve working two or more jobs every day.



below, this is from Doonesbury cartoon about how dollars = freedom of speech according to the Supreme Court’s latest decision which seemed appropriate (and funny) in this context too

Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 12.12.27 AM