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CeliaSue Hecht’s writing work has been featured in 40+ publications (local and national newspapers and magazines). on her dog travel blog, celiasue.com, have dog blog will travel, in newsletters and five romantic travel guides. She has traveled around the world and written and led seminars and workshops in the US and Europe. Her travels have included about 245 cities.

I have a CA driver’s license, a Monterey mailing address, and a new Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/mediattention/ .

I was born in New York City and enjoyed fantasizing about being a famous writer living in California. My childhood obsession led me to LA at the age of 20, and by 25, I was leading seminars and workshops, traveling and writing, too. After living my dreams and then some, in my 30’s, I went back to college, taught pre-school while living in Florida for five years reconnecting with the parents. After traveling around the world with a prayer ministry for three years in the late 80’s, I briefly revisited LA for three years. After the Rodney King riots, I moved to Vegas where my career as a writer, editor and PR person flourished. Plus, I got married at a wedding chapel and was divorced within four years. The 90’s and 2000’s were filled with newspaper reporting, magazine writing, promoting clients, and travel and romantic travel guide co-authoring.


Check out clips/ samples of my published articles by clicking on each of the pages (Art, Business, Books, Pets, Travel, etc).

In addition, I’ve traveled around the world and written and led seminars and workshops in the US and Europe.


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We’ve worked with a lot of great pet product and related companies and PR agencies: Evangers, Sony, Subaru, Petco, VitaShotZukesSherpa, Silver TailsMcChewy, Mother Hubbard’sDoggie GooPet NaturalBach FlowersQ-tips, Calming Collars,Through a Dog’s Ear, EarthNaturalsNature’sLogic, Ark Naturals, ArfDog, ZenPawz, Clear ConscienceDr. Harvey’s, Bergan’s, LovingPets, EarthBathK9 Travel Mugs, K9 Cuisine, Vermont Soap Organics, Lucky Dog Cuisine, Dogswell, Honest KitchenPlanet DogRuffwear, SmartPak, Purrfect Play, Reigning Cats & Dogs, Sierra LeBone, and more…

Written for numerous publications including

PetFolio Magazine, BayArea WoofCanine Coastal Magazine and more…

Reviewed properties of 75+ innkeepers


Bylines  bylines, media



Read my Facebook pages, twitter page at sue magic, and blogs, there are a few but by far the most popular and prolific one is the doggie blog HAVE DOG BLOG WILL TRAVEL at celiasue.com since i have been writing it for 8 years now.


2 comments on “About me

  1. Lisa Duggan says:

    I’m not on fb, I’m off it as a matter of fact. But I enjoyed your piece in the Cedar Street Times in PG. Thank you.

  2. jillscherb7 says:

    I posted your article on senior homelessness on my Facebook. This is the story of my struggles with the issues in your article. I’m 73 and now live in Silver City, NM, an inexpensive, senior-friendly, community with a good, low-income medical clinic (HMS, Hidalgo Medical Services). I FINALLY also have a dental clinic I can afford at HMS as well. I haven’t been able to afford dental care the last 20 years–including pre-retirement years working at Austin Community College as an adjunct faculty member. I taught year ’round to survive on 2-4 classes per semester, with fewer courses possible to teach summers. I cobbled together part-time jobs in addition to the community college teaching sometimes. I tell people the adjunct teaching salary was “piece-work” pay and no benefits at first, despite adjuncts teaching 70-80% of all community college courses. We organized and finally got benefits. But our dental benefit was so bad, my dentist would not take it. From that point, my teeth deterioriated. NOW, I have a dentist I love! At the low-inome senior clinic! Affordable!! For my remaining teeth! Haha. I now live in a fairly nice apartment for $348/month as a low-income senior. I arrived in Fall 2014, having never been to Silver City. I had, however, read about it in advance. And I was famliar with New Mexico. I had one friend who grew up in Taos I’d visited frequently over the years, especially every summer while in grad school in Salt Lake City. I’m originally from Austin, TX, where I spent most of my adult life, very much off and on, with forays to Utah and Nebraska for grad school, and Pennsulvania for a job at the University of Pittsburgh for one year along with travel and teaching (China, Mexico, Bulgaria, Europe). My last teaching job was 7 years teaching speech communication courses and an honors classes in culture and communication at Austin Community College. On retirement, I spent 5 months in Sofia, Bulgaria, living with a family as a tutor for the children and editor for scholarly works for the faculty father. The family were friends of a friend met while teaching in a Texas university. I almost emigrated to Bulgaria! I got a lawyer in Sofia and started that whole process. until the State of Texas halted it with a refusal to supply one document needed. I was looking for a less expensive place to live than Austin, as the pressure of rental costs grew and grew and grew. It finally just became far too expensive for me to live in Austin anymore. I tried two other towns in NM first–Santa Fe and Taos. Then, when they didn’t work out for various reasons , I went back briefly to Texas. After only a few months, I loaded up the car and drove to Silver City, NM, where I arrived with $20 in fall 2014. I’ve never looked back. I visit friends and family in Texas once or twice a year. SO glad I came here! From the first, people here have been incredibly friendly and helpful. The community is a poor one, smallish, with a large segment on various low-income programs (about 10,000 to 14,000 population). Nevertheless, this very fact keeps rents low and the town is quite literally the friendliest place I’ve ever lived. I’ve never felt so welcomed anywhere. As if people got together and decided to be a welcoming commuinty. There’s a small university of about 3500 students, Western New Mexico University, more truly involved with the local community than any university I’ve ever seen. The town and the university are mutually supportive. Clearly. And there’s a lively community of artists and writers and environmentalists among other elements of diversity well-accepted here. A little of the old west. A little of the old 60s. A healthy youth culture. And a food coop that’s been going strong for over 45 years which forms part of the vital downtown community. People recently re-opned an old downtown movie house. And it’s New Mexico nature close-in and all around, including the first-ever designated American wilderness area–the Gila Wilderness and Gila National Forest. There’s a progresssive food bank that gardens and teaches gardening, and feeds anyone, not just low-income people. I can go there once a month and there are other food sources for low-income seniors. I keep finding more and more community here–first the rockhounds, Senior Center, environmentalists, and a whole town of festival-loving people. And qigong and tai chi classes here that I’d found helped my own health issues for the last 7-9 years back in Austin. And the Unitarians, who found me a spot at the women’s shelter when I first arrived at their little quonset hut church for their services on my second day here, having spent my first night in the Silver City Walmart parking lot. Two weeks later, I had this apartment where I’ve now been living 2 years. At a low-income senior housing discount. I chose to leave far more expensive locations like Austin, and even Santa Fe, out of near-desperation because those places were all pricing me out of an ability to survive. I struggled for about five years to “find my own spot.” I’m now in a place I can stay. I can leave to travel. And I can come come back. My needs are increasingly met–medical, housing, and multiple forms of community. I have more doctors here than I’ve had anywhere–though I do go to Las Cruces for one (112 miles south). I consider entire states too expensive now–Texas, for one, and California for another. I’m amazed I found this place where it’s still possible to have a good quality of life at lower costs. I did have to leave places that became too expensive. That wasn’t easy. It took gathering up all my remaining grit to do! And, just recently, I found I could afford a pet again.

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