Books I’ve written and co-authored

Five romantic travel guides

Dog travel eguide

Screen shot 2014-01-02 at 1.14.48 AM


Some Books I’ve edited

UFO translated from German

Life in Siberia


You’re in the People Biz by Les Schmidt

Memoirs  (Les Schmidt and others)

Finding Your Truth

Les Schmidt

Host, The Authentic Self Teleseminar

I met Celia Sue Hecht at Mark Victor Hanson’s event in Atlanta in 2004, and hired her for editing and PR. She lives up to her claim of “writing/editing that improves your bottom line.” Sue was instrumental in helping me write and publish 2 books and establish Les Schmidt Consulting.

Customer Service Guide

I Started to Say I Love You but Your Fist Got in the Way


The Women of the Resistance by Margaret Rossiter



95 Ways to Save Taxes in 95 by Main Gorman

Book Reviews

Dog Training of the American Male by LA Knight

Lucky Dogs by Kate Kelly

A variety of books that have gone to the dogs

The doggie detective, mysteries by Spencer Quinn


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