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Are you a great or not so good client ?

I have worked with various clients and found that some people, most people do NOT know how to obtain media coverage and/or do not even want to do so, and yet, their dilemma is they know that they need TO PROMOTE THEIR BUSINESS OR BOOK. Many business owners and authors are juggling too many balls and cannot find the time nor energy to obtain PR. Or do not know how to write press releases that get published or think that they do not have the skill, talent or creativity to do so. Or they are afraid of the media, and some combination of these makes them avoid, procrastinate and not get the job done.

Some people have unrealistic expectations and want good press but do not think that they have to do anything, that they can just hire someone else to do it for them. If a client does not provide the information, quotes, industry expertise and/or whatever else is needed, even a great publicist cannot do the job flying alone in the wind.

If a publicist sets up an interview and the client does not show up or is ill prepared, the client needs to rethink their priorities and goals for obtaining publicity, to say the least.

A great client knows that they are part of the equation and have a job to do, working with a publicist and do their homework and provide what is needed on their side. Takes two to Tango and Two or more to obtain press.


“If the client is able to provide the PR agency with the information they need, they will help them meet their goals. A good client understands that reaching goals takes time, and has patience with the agency while they work. Above all, a good PR client actively participates in their relationship with the agency, helping the two-way street that is public relations run smoothly/”



Some tips to maximize press for success


Take a calendar and mark down holidays, news, events, and book or movie releases as inspiration to create press releases that relate to your company.

Regularly speak as the expert on your topic at conferences, workshops, events and colleges, business groups, and wow the audiences with your tips, knowledge and entertaining but informative talks.

Build and develop a relationships with reporters,editors, and writers who will write about you and your company, product or service,  book, whatever you are promoting, if and when YOU GIVE THEM CONSISTENTLY WHAT THEY WANT.

Give back to your community with charitable donations and sponsor events, art foundations, sports teams, booster clubs, groups and camps.

Host book signing events, movie nights, holiday themed parties, charity events, scavenger hunts, barbecues, bakeoffs, cake sales, pizza nights, wine or beer tastings, weddings,anniversaries,flash or cash mobs,or whatever is appropriate and fun and will attract new customers and the press.

Be round, square, or diamond-shaped… in other words, STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD.

Work with your publicist and give them whatever they need to GET THE JOB DONE FOR YOU.


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Johnny Cupcakes sells t-shirts in shops that look and smell like bakery shops

“A food themed clothing brand was weird to many people, but weird is good! It gets people talking. I started making more Johnny Cupcakes t-shirts that poked fun of pop culture, replacing known references with cupcakes. One particular logo, the one most identifiable with Johnny Cupcakes today is a cupcake with crossbones. Guy’s thought it was funny and girls thought it was cute. The design caused curiosity and conversation amongst strangers. More than anything, it made people smile.

“When it came time to open a store, I really wanted it to be an unforgettable experience. My dad and I transformed my first store location into an old fashioned bakery where I displayed t-shirts in vintage, industrial refrigerators and on baking racks. I even made it smell like frosting! This is and always has been the model for all of my stores. Even when you purchase a t-shirt, we package them in our signature pastry boxes.

“I’ve always taken my advertising budget and put it into building unique experiences through our products, packaging, events, and retail environments. By doing this, people end up doing the advertising for us through word of mouth. Through the unique nature of the brand, we’ve been featured in press outlets that I would have never imagined in my life!”



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writing romance

OK, for years now, I have been writing non-fiction in the form of newspaper and magazine articles, press releases, newsletters, brochures, website copy etc. for clients, romantic and dog travel guides, all non-fiction.


and behind the scenes, in a secret cave somewhere, location not to be disclosed, I have been coming up with names and stories for all kinds of fiction from YA, children books, films, and even romantic comedy novels including the ones based upon my experiences growing up in NYC and my sad excuse of a romantic life.


with the romantic novels, I loved reading Jennifer Cruisie, my first love and when she stopped writing by herself, ugh, and I had read all of her older books, I asked a librarian if there were other writers like her out there and she told me about Janet Evanovich and I got into the Stephanie Plum series. Once in awhile I read books about dogs such as Spencer Quinn’s Chet and Bernie series written from a dog’s point of view, mysteries that are funny, too. I got to read one and loved it and then was blessed with being able to review them on my Have Dog blog will travel blog, yay.  da perks da perks.


all of this reading other people’s books inspires me and I guess I should also mention Tawna Fenske, who I interviewed on my dog blog before she became a famous author of 13 romantic comedy novels.


Now on Kindle, I read and read and read, mostly free or cheap romantic novels and other books about writing fiction, romance, and dog books too.


And I guess the point here is that writers LOVE LOVE LOVE to read. And if you want to become a published writer, you should jump on the book wagon, too.


anyway, it used to be that I would write a romantic novel and stop after Chapter 3, but NO MORE, people. I am on my way, finally, to writing chapters and chapters of this idea that I had, the story has changed numerous times, settings and characters and plots, but I have at last written maybe seven chapters, did an outline, chapter by chapter and have committed to writing the story, even if I don’t really even know what it is completely.


Just get the thing done.


when i asked Tawna for advice years ago, she told me JUST KEEP ON WRITING.




and then once you write, you edit and find an agent and a publisher.


That is the process. I have helped others DO IT. But you know sometimes we can do things for other people that we find it difficult to do for ourselves.




It is way over time for me to progress and complete my first fiction book, romantic comedy and GET ON WITH writing more and more and more books.  because of course, you want to see my name on romantic comedy novels, sexy who donits, and books with peculiar characters in strangely familiar situations, don’t you, don’t you.



OK, I am hot on the trail of finishing. And soon I will obtain an agent who loves to laugh, eat chocolate and donuts and dogs, NO, loves dogs but does not want to eat them, except hot dogs, OK, an agent who eats hot dogs aka frankfurters, the healthy kind, and more importantly a genius who recognizes extreme talent and a brilliant mind. OK, someone who wants to represent this bicoastal, former New Yorker, Californian. Anyone, please.


Book Magic




Fairy godmother or not, are you suffering from obscurity? If so, you’re not alone. Thousands of people are invisible. Thousands of people hide their gifts and talents and business behind jargon, boring copy, and hard to read press releases and website copy. No one understands their products / services. No one cares. In a busy market place, they are busy getting ignored. Their products stay on the shelf gathering dust.

Thousands of people have self-esteem issues. If you don’t do anything about it, so what. No one will buy your products / service. Your business will fail.  You will become a statistic. Half of all businesses fail during the first five years, according to the Small Business Administration.

Ever watch those shows on TV, Restaurant Impossible and others? Many business owners do not promote their business and what happens? Nothing.

You will be a perennial wallflower, the person who cannot succeed, always gets passed over for promotions, the person who never finds their soul mate, the person who never publishes the book that they know that they were born to write. The person who wishes, hopes and yearns for something more out of life but never fulfills their dreams of Getting Published. The person who spends their life waiting for their Fairy Godmother to DO something. Or for Some Day (the day between Sunday and Monday).

We can help you go from obscurity to limelight by getting your business the media coverage you deserve. A few articles in local and national publications can get those widgets flying off the shelf in no time.

We can assist you in writing that book and getting it published. And maybe even fulfill some other dreams.

For a 15-minute complementary consultation to discuss your business needs and/or book project contact 702-225-8206.

We provide:

  • Book editing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Book proposals
  • Manuscript evaluation
  • Help finding literary agents and publishers
  • Self-publishing
  • Book Publicity/Promotion
  • Classes, Events, Seminars, Workshop Promotion
  • and more

If you wanna dance with me… Contact me at 702-225-8206 for a 15 minute complementary call to discuss your Book Project.  It could be just the MAGIC you need!

Between a rock and a hot French guy





just because you may know (and by know I mean be intimately acquainted with to have a passing knowledge of your neighbor) a writer, even a working writer, a published writer, does NOT mean that you are entitled and going to get FREE anything (free books, free advice, free ghostwriting, free publishing of your life story). No one expects their doctor to give them free health care or their vet to give their dog a free annual exam. But for some reason, too many people expect writers to give them free everything. Like, how often do we hear, just write my life story, turn it into a screen play, or get it published, and you will get a percentage of the royalties. Sure, because you will be so generous and motivated to offer us a decent percentage of the profits. As if there are ever going to BE profits.

I have found that some clients have a difficult enough time doing as I ask them to do while paying for my services. If they were NOT paying me, they would do nada, zilch, zip, nothing because they were NOT motivated. Plus the fact, what are we writers supposed to LIVE ON (yes, I mean pay the rent with) while we are doing YOUR work for you? oh so selfish. It is particularly difficult to get it into some folks heads that WE writers are people, have jobs and bills, too. Oh, just do it in your spare time. Yeah sure right. We will work on it Some Day, the day between Sunday and Monday, just like you have been working on it Some Day.


what does any of this have to do with a hot French guy? well, I was once married to one. And some day I may tell you about it. Right now, I will say this, he constantly offered carrots and then as soon as I got close to getting whatever it was that I wanted from him, he snatched it away, out of reach. A cruel person. My friends warned me not to marry him. That he had major mommy issues. And I should have known better. But you know some times the heart wants whatever it wants, no matter how futile it is. Sigh.


Now if I were more like my dog, I’d be better off when it comes to men.


I’m too sexy for my dog. well, my dog is not at all interested in sex or romance. She is doing just fine without a boy doggie at her side. Of course, she has all of the neighbor boy doggies anxious to play with her. Gizmo waits for her every morning by his fence. So does Lobos. And whenever Milo escapes his tether, he runs over and sniffs around to see if Cici can come out and play with him.


Girl dogs need boy dogs like a whale (fish) needs a bicycle. Cici just says no (growls) at boy doggies. She will have none of it when they try to ride her rump. It occurs to me, why is it that humans who are supposed to be all superior to dogs (if you believe the rhetoric of macho men), cannot take no for an answer from women? either they dismiss us, ignore us, or try to force us to do whatever they want us to do. And/or blame us for stuff that is NOT our fault. Like their own insecurities and problems.


One time hot French guy DID admit that he was jealous of ME. That I was brilliant and creative and attractive. And because of all of that, he felt insecure and simply HAD to make me crazy, ie, flirt with other women so that I would get green with jealousy. You see, it started with HIM. Of course, it also started with ME not being CLEAR that I deserve REAL LOVE, TRUE LOVE, to be cherished, appreciated, and valued by a man.


The moral of the story is that you can use your crappy love life (or any other part of your life) as fodder for your romance books, learn something and make money. Otherwise, your broken heart is worthless. And you too can become an old maid, old crone or crazy cat or dog lady in your old age.



I have been trying to get through writing ONE romantic comedy book for awhile now. Think Jennifer Crusie meets Janet Evanovich meets Ciciville. Well, I had some of the elements down that I want in the book. But so far, I have changed the locale four times, from Las Vegas, to a made up town in Arizona based upon an actual town in Arizona, to 29 Palms and now we have landed on Virginia City, NV. Back to Nevada.


The setting is because it is about a romance blooming in the desert. And it has ghosts, a haunted B&B, that was a former house of ill repute, and a dog that goes humping everyone’s leg in the night. The heroine has two romantic interests. One her boss, Editor/Publisher of the newspaper she works for. Oh no no, you did not. Yes I did. And a new reporter. The two of them are to write dueling columns about a topic, to bring the gender wars into focus, gin up controversy and to sell newspapers. She is not sure how she feels about any of it. And she has two old aunties, who raised her, who think she is getting married to a dog. She IS planning a BIG gala dog wedding to raise funds for the local animal shelter. But her aunties are Lucy and Ethel on steroids. So what do you think? Would you read a book like this?  If I can get passed Chapter 3, perhaps you will be able to do so.

Dear Business Owner…

As a freelance writer who specializes in products and services for women travelers, products for dog owners, eco friendly products including chocolate, and books (topics range from angels to romance to zen), your product or service is just what I am looking to write about. Love what you’re doing but don’t have time to do everything? Perhaps you would like to work with a writer to assist with your blog (updating it on a regular basis), press releases, newsletters, and/or articles and social media networking.

If you’d like to attract new visitors and convert them into customers with interesting, fun, relevant blog posts that get shared in social media, I’d love to help you with regular weekly posts.

Check out what I’m doing on my blog Have Dog Blog Will Travel at … I have just written my 1000th blog post, there are consistently 200-300 readers a day, have several Facebook pages (with more than 800 likes and friends and 733 Twitter followers), have promoted products from companies such as Sony, Subaru, Pet Smart, Animal Planet, Q-tip, Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy, Zuke’s, Dr Harvey’s, Merrick’s, Evanger’s, 80 hotels, inns and B&B’s in California and numerous books from various authors including Spencer Quinn (Chet the dog series), Hy Conrad and Jeff Johnson (Things Your Dog Doesn’t Want You to Know: Eleven Courageous Canines Tell All), and The Lost Dogs by Jim Gorant.


Give me a call if you’d like to take your blog to the readers it deserves.

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Communication is

“Woof woof woof “


Communication is in the mouth/ear of the beholder…






“You have to write the book that wants to be written. And if the book will be too difficult for grown-ups, then you write it for children.”  (or dogs)… 
― Madeleine L’Engle

“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.” 
― Maya Angelou

“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” 
― Toni Morrison

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