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Human beings, animals and/or extraterrestials welcome. Drones need not apply.

I very much would like to hear from you if you are interested in discussing a writing or editing project (or even if you just want to tell me a tall tale or compliment my incredible wit, grammar and publicity prowess).

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By hook or by crook:

Open a dark chocolate bar with nuts or Ben and Jerry’s and I’ll find you.

I live in between California and Nevada. Am on a mission to live at a sunny beach with the dolphins.

And if you need to read about how wonderful I am according to other people who you do not know nor care about, read about my work on the Testimonials page.

Have a job for me?  Profiles, travel, spiritual, business, health, pets, tiny homes, renewable energy, etc., I’ll research the subject, then craft an article to attract your target audience.

CeliaSue Hecht

Freelance Journalist aka Witty Wordmaker

I look forward to speaking with you.  Thank you for stopping by.


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