Got something to boast about? Maybe you should hire a ghost!

Do you have an unusual story, unique background, family members, have invented something, and/or have a business, practice or group that is doing good in the world. Maybe it is an inspiring tale about a rescue dog or cat, how you overcame an illness, won the lottery, consistently gamble and win at casinos, created a special diet or recipes, had a problem and / or provided resources and solutions that was right on the money.


A ghostwriter, that would be me, a published professional writer who assists people who know they have all of the above and more, and they do not have the words, writing skill or ability or time and energy to set it down on paper.


You’ve come to the Write Place.

If you are able and wanting to move forward with your writing project, send me an email at

prmatchmaker at

or give me a call at 702-225-8206 for a complimentary consultation


We can discuss the details and provide a timeline, fee schedule, and estimate up front. And come up with a plan to co-create what you want using our professional, prompt, conscientious and affordable service. We’ve never had a deadline or budget we did not meet.


I’ve co-authored five romantic travel guides, edited numerous books about business customer service, memoirs, as well as assisted authors who speak English as a Second Language (transform their words into native speaking English).


If you are having a workshop, seminar or event and want a way to obtain media coverage as well as attract participants, a book can benefit your bottom line, enhance your credibility, image and expert status, as well as raise funds for your favorite charity.


Let’s Discuss Your Project Today!



and in case you are interested in haunted ghost towns, here’s Virginia City Nevada, the setting for a romantic comedy that I’m writing about an innkeeper of a B&B that used to be the former house of ill repute of renowned madam Julia Bulette. woo woo…