An interview I did in Las Vegas about my poetry for Fathers Day with the local newspaper, the Las Vegas SUN

“Hecht describes her journey through anger, grief and reconciliation over her father’s death at 77 after a heart attack — a reconciliation triggered by a dream in which she once again encounters him.

Before I knew what to do

there you were

running towards me

with love and protection

and an umbrella.

“When my dad died, I was devastated. I lost a huge part of myself,” Hecht says. “This person had just disappeared.

“I was never close to my mom or younger brother, so it was like losing my entire family.”

Writing poetry was her catharsis. And she hopes her personal expressions of despair and healing will help other people experiencing similar losses.

“I want them to feel OK to show what they’re feeling like when I have seen a movie or a painting or a photo that has touched a nerve and allowed me to experience my emotions.”

But her poetry isn’t only about death.

“It’s about joy, about love, about anger,” she says.”

Read more: http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/1996/jun/14/poems-bring-writers-dad-into-focus/#ixzz2VUpOGRHc



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