Senior Women Housing Crisis





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Cottages cost “about $3,300” to build. This is a pittance compared to the $31,065 spent annually per homeless person on jail-stays and hospital room visits, according to The Central Florida Commission on Homelessness.


55% Increase in Homeless Women Over Three Years. Ongoing Abuse Is Rampant


Solutions to Housing Crisis

“We aren’t giving people houses because they deserve it, we’re giving them places to live because they are fellow human beings and fellow citizens of the city. We don’t think anybody in a city as wealthy as Dallas should be sleeping on the streets.” John Greenan, executive director of the development group


House and Home

Homes, anyone? (“Salinas Chinatown Health Services Center plans move ahead,” posted June 16.) A car is not a home. A lunch once a week is not a home. A tent is not a home. A motel room is not a home. A church floor is not a home.

You know what is a home? A houseSue Hecht | via Facebook

Sue, I don’t know what else can be done. I feel for the homeless that have found themselves without a home. There is no way we can just give out houses. I also see way too many homeless who chose to not work. Why should they get free housing when others are working two jobs to pay the rent? Nicole Nancy Amaral | via Facebook

My response:  Glad to dispel that myth. You can pay or you can pay… 44% of people without homes ARE working and not earning enough money to pay for rent. Then there are the lazy seniors,  single moms with children, disabled and veterans who have lost the roof over their heads. I often worked six jobs but in my 60’s, I suddenly became lazy? 56% of seniors in CA cannot afford housing.
You can pay or you can pay. Taxpayers are paying THREE TIMES MORE PER PERSON PER YEAR to keep us lazy seniors and lepers dying on the streets, in cars. Numerous studies :
In the past year, I have stayed three times for four days or more in the hospital, and had five other visits to the ER. Getting sicker and sicker after breast cancer surgery without a home, now they think the cancer has come back.
A $10,000 tiny home versus $40,000+ per year per person ER costs = do the math.

– “Next time someone argues that we can’t afford to fix widespread housing insecurity, our response should be that we can’t afford to keep spending so much to house the wealthy. Let’s make a different choice—let’s start using these homeownership tax programs to actually solve the affordable housing crisis.”

One tiny home builder offered the city houses and was turned down. A shelter company offered housing, jobs and funders to buy, rent or lease land to house the hundreds of women over 50 in the Monterey Bay without housing. Not one of the Funds for Homeless Women organizations responded. Why?