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OK, for years now, I have been writing non-fiction in the form of newspaper and magazine articles, press releases, newsletters, brochures, website copy etc. for clients, romantic and dog travel guides, all non-fiction.


and behind the scenes, in a secret cave somewhere, location not to be disclosed, I have been coming up with names and stories for all kinds of fiction from YA, children books, films, and even romantic comedy novels including the ones based upon my experiences growing up in NYC and my sad excuse of a romantic life.


with the romantic novels, I loved reading Jennifer Cruisie, my first love and when she stopped writing by herself, ugh, and I had read all of her older books, I asked a librarian if there were other writers like her out there and she told me about Janet Evanovich and I got into the Stephanie Plum series. Once in awhile I read books about dogs such as Spencer Quinn’s Chet and Bernie series written from a dog’s point of view, mysteries that are funny, too. I got to read one and loved it and then was blessed with being able to review them on my Have Dog blog will travel blog, yay.  da perks da perks.


all of this reading other people’s books inspires me and I guess I should also mention Tawna Fenske, who I interviewed on my dog blog before she became a famous author of 13 romantic comedy novels.


Now on Kindle, I read and read and read, mostly free or cheap romantic novels and other books about writing fiction, romance, and dog books too.


And I guess the point here is that writers LOVE LOVE LOVE to read. And if you want to become a published writer, you should jump on the book wagon, too.


anyway, it used to be that I would write a romantic novel and stop after Chapter 3, but NO MORE, people. I am on my way, finally, to writing chapters and chapters of this idea that I had, the story has changed numerous times, settings and characters and plots, but I have at last written maybe seven chapters, did an outline, chapter by chapter and have committed to writing the story, even if I don’t really even know what it is completely.


Just get the thing done.


when i asked Tawna for advice years ago, she told me JUST KEEP ON WRITING.




and then once you write, you edit and find an agent and a publisher.


That is the process. I have helped others DO IT. But you know sometimes we can do things for other people that we find it difficult to do for ourselves.




It is way over time for me to progress and complete my first fiction book, romantic comedy and GET ON WITH writing more and more and more books.  because of course, you want to see my name on romantic comedy novels, sexy who donits, and books with peculiar characters in strangely familiar situations, don’t you, don’t you.



OK, I am hot on the trail of finishing. And soon I will obtain an agent who loves to laugh, eat chocolate and donuts and dogs, NO, loves dogs but does not want to eat them, except hot dogs, OK, an agent who eats hot dogs aka frankfurters, the healthy kind, and more importantly a genius who recognizes extreme talent and a brilliant mind. OK, someone who wants to represent this bicoastal, former New Yorker, Californian. Anyone, please.



Dear Business Owner…

As a freelance writer who specializes in products and services for women travelers, products for dog owners, eco friendly products including chocolate, and books (topics range from angels to romance to zen), your product or service is just what I am looking to write about. Love what you’re doing but don’t have time to do everything? Perhaps you would like to work with a writer to assist with your blog (updating it on a regular basis), press releases, newsletters, and/or articles and social media networking.

If you’d like to attract new visitors and convert them into customers with interesting, fun, relevant blog posts that get shared in social media, I’d love to help you with regular weekly posts.

Check out what I’m doing on my blog Have Dog Blog Will Travel at celiasue.com … I have just written my 1000th blog post, there are consistently 200-300 readers a day, have several Facebook pages (with more than 800 likes and friends and 733 Twitter followers), have promoted products from companies such as Sony, Subaru, Pet Smart, Animal Planet, Q-tip, Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy, Zuke’s, Dr Harvey’s, Merrick’s, Evanger’s, 80 hotels, inns and B&B’s in California and numerous books from various authors including Spencer Quinn (Chet the dog series), Hy Conrad and Jeff Johnson (Things Your Dog Doesn’t Want You to Know: Eleven Courageous Canines Tell All), and The Lost Dogs by Jim Gorant.


Give me a call if you’d like to take your blog to the readers it deserves.

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