Whiffy writer

Have you ever concocted a story using colors, odors, or sounds aka all of your senses? added spicey words to a press release?

By using aromatic unexpected words, you surprise, delight, and bring your readers write into your world. And relating to what you are writing about.

Imagine talking about a best friend’s bird. In describing it, we could say that the green blue and yellow parrot yelled “Shut up” every five minutes. Or we could say that the stupid bird had Terrets syndrome and sputtered saucy cuss words at every passerby. Probably every reader has known an ornery character like that and can laugh or remember the experience.

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The experience does not have to be pleasant, it can bring your audience to tears or entertain them. The sweet and savory smells of fruitcakes baking will certainly evoke memories of holidays and relatives, good, bad or annoying.

Words do not need to be loud to be remembered. But the more they speak to the heart, mind and soul of your readers, tickle the funny bones, and/or touch a nerve, the more they will be remembered.

Do not be afraid to be as odoriferous or unsavory as a skunk. Shake the seasoning bottles of your creativity. Combine the write mix of words for a foul villain and a twist of lime or honey to her character. This will give new depth and meaning to your work.

If you must, make them whiny. Add a sprinkle of Whiff on top. Like whipped cream covering the horse manure. It will smell lightly.