Hire me

I’m a writer for hire!

My services have been sought out by numerous companies, professionals and best-selling authors including  Dr. Doreen Virtue, Dr. Frank Shallenberger, Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, and my writing has appeared in  Entrepreneur.com, the Reno Gazette Journal, SF Chronicle, LA Times, E magazine, Nevada Appeal, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Las Vegas Review Journal, and more. My blog was selected as Top 20 Pet Bloggers 2015 by Trip Advisor. My blog has been mentioned in the Monterey Herald, Reno Gazette Journal, CNN, PetFolio magazine, American Dog Magazine, Dog Jaunt, Stand Up for Pits/Rebecca Corry, Stubby Dog, Monterey County Weekly, Dog Tipper, Travel Writers News and more.

Please check out media coverage for various clients and send me a shout out (or a whisper) if you want to work together!

Please check out some of my writing work here.

Let’s connect on Twitter at @suemagic

And on Facebook.

Give me a call at 702-225-8206 or email me at prmatchmaker at yahoo.com and let’s discuss your project.



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